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the becoming tribe


Life moves fast. Really fast, ya’ll. Yet the tapestry of our souls becoming takes time and patience. A “drive thru vulnerability +  authenticity” doesn’t exist. We may not be able to stop the speed of life, but we can slow it down and press in to discover more about what we are becoming. Our lives centered around the intimacy and fragrance of Christ being our strength, song and salvation takes time and patience. The process of coming to be something or passing into the value of the life we were intended to live requires bravely diving deep. It is crucial to dig into the study of God, the study of His Word, the unlocking of ourselves and the revelation of the world around us. Your freedom in Christ is a beautiful becoming, but to get there we need to lean in to The Truth together. Join the monthly Becoming Tribe Exclusives where we show up in front of God’s Word, open our unique storylines, and reveal a soul becoming set free.


Your freedom in Christ is a beautiful becoming.


Becoming Tribe Exclusives! 

  • Video Messages of the Month

  • Journal Prompts

  • PDF devotional printable

  • Access to a private Becoming Tribe Facebook Group