A Little Easter Recap :: Beware :: Loads of Over Posting Happy Fun Pictures!

What.  A.  Weekend.Easter started out fabulous with the realization the kids would not have school Friday.  Glory wave.  I genuinely cannot recall a weekend where I actually was able to catch up, enjoy my family and experience every last ounce of it's yummy goodness.  It was the sweetest gift.  Of course, it never stops being a wild dash, but it is so rewarding when you are dashing towards the fun of life instead of just the rat race of crazy schedule keeping.So in like October I made an early step towards what I had decided was a full Trotter Tribe 2016 resolution to partake of more experiences together instead of merely acquiring more "stuff".  My Coach Man jumped right on board and registered our whole tribe for The Color Run.  When the alarm began shaking by my bedside at 5:30am Saturday I nearly pulled the plug, BUT thanks to a strong cup of coffee and the hope of this being one of those mom memories we are all obsessed with creating for our families I rolled out.  Rolled the troops out too and we have decided we sort of kind of are completely obsessed with the Happiest 5K on the planet.  Total blast!FullSizeRender (56) IMG_8383 IMG_8407 IMG_8411And for our  money the best part of the whole race was at the end when they rolled out the DJ, flash mob dance and so many color tosses we ended up looking like we'd been covered in gray chalk from all the color combos!  {If you want to see a close up inside the color toss click here to see my insta vid - happy color mayhem.}IMG_8443Easter Sunday was filled with all our favorite things...family, church, food and chillaxing.  Yes, chill + relaxing creates the word : chillaxing.  It's a thing.  Especially on Easter Sunday when you've just experienced your first Easter in your brand spanking NEW Church location - Gateway Dallas!  WOW!  Adore our church and the people in it.  Felt as I was snapping a million pictures of my tribe by a pretty tree in the entryway I should have just piled up the entire staff and taken a photo with them too because they feel like family.  Pretty great when church family becomes as kindred as actual family.  The special music by one of our family's personal favorites {Rita Springer - Watch it here.  Amen and amen.} + an outta this world message by Pastor Robert on the difference maker between thinking Jesus is the Messiah and then come Sunday knowing He is the Messiah - was completely mind blowing in the best kind of way!  Definitely worth a listen, especially to the girls who studied along with the Yielded study from Luke 5. {Click HERE to listen}IMG_8574FullSizeRender (55)IMG_8560We ate yummy good ol' southern Easter lunch {spiral cut honey glazed ham, twice baked hash-brown casserole, green bean casserole, cream cheese corn, carrot cake, strawberry cake...the basics....oh my yum!}, we played Easter games, we prayed, Coach Man walked us through a portion of the Passover meal, and we landed the plane on the importance of believing God.

He's real.  He's present.  He's able.  Praying today as you march head long into the week you are held tight in the arms of the Resurrection.  Even when things look quiet, or lonely, or beyond repair.....over and over again Jesus claims our destiny through the Resurrection of broken things. Praying this week as you step by faith you feel His movement.  No Kingdom stay locked let it open.  No Heaven stand still let it move.

Have a beautiful week! XO!