Arrows LIVE | A quick recap + thank you

God is indeed interested in fulfilling dreams. He wants to take you far beyond what you believe to be reasonable and He wants to guide you into territory you could never have dreamed of. God wants so much for His people who are called according to His Name to GATHER together to GROW in His Word and GO inspired to dig deeper, live inspired and bind together as believers. Never has there been a more important time for us to fight for the time to link arms and raise praise. Christmas is not a convenient time to swing open the doors on a new event. Truth be told I rarely have done a  ministry event where the time - day or night - hasn't seemed like a BIG ask to rally and make attendance happen. But I would like to believe the fight to make it a reality in our beings and find a way to just get ourselves through the doors to any event, Bible study, church or prayer group and be loved well proves the goodness of God's character and intentional passion for our lives. It takes intentional effort to get to an event like Arrows LIVE during the height of Christmas crazy. It's a fight to organize husbands, and babysitters, and work schedules, and Christmas party options, and people, and dig deep to develop new relationships...but, when the first chord of music starts to play, you find a prayer card with your name handwritten across the top and you realize your defenses are slowly softening it becomes evident in that moment it was worth the intentional fight to get to there.You who came to Arrows LIVE witnessed a miracle. A "fish and loaves" offering to the Lord and a prayer that He would multiply our little as we placed it in His mighty hands. And HE more than multiplied. I have been processing and chewing and absorbing so much feedback and I am grateful for every story, challenge and insight. There are so many words I have swelling up in me and I promise to spill them all out as God weaves them together, but I didn't want another day to go by without sharing thanks for the "hands and feet" that made Arrows LIVE possible.THE TEAM....You truly are only as great as the people standing with you, and I am humbled beyond measure to be shoulder to shoulder with some of the greatest women I have ever met and had the privilege of working with. They gave unending hours to this VOLUNTEER project. They rallied resources, gave so generously of their time, leveraged Kingdom connections, had complete humility and patience, sought the Lord, laughed, became evangelists, invested in every way and most of all believed God to be who He says He is. They wanted more than anything for you to encounter God. I am still in awe of the grace each of these women are in my life. Without them none of Arrows LIVE would have happened. And in equal parts without the commitment of their husbands and kiddos this wouldn't have been possible. Servant hearts to the highest degree. To see each of their gifting unleashed in such a powerful way has given me the largest blessing. Alyson Booth, Kate Bryant, Emily Wakefield, Denisa Weber, Shelly Kirkland, Jeannie Denton, Haley March, Kimberly Graft, Rachel Winner, Morgan Eseke and Jennie Elverum - I LOVE YOU ALL! {coffee, breakfast bites and boomarangs soon!} Mighty for warriors for the Kingdom and calling them friends is an honor and a grace. Bravo, sweet team. Bravo.img_3785HALEY MARCH AND JOHN HEINRICHCannot say thank you enough to the thought and intention John and Haley put into opening up our night with songs of praise being cast out over us all as we came into 6500. The evening was set up for us to pour words and songs over you, but I know I speak for us all when I say we could have simply sat in the room and let their words of worship pour over us all night long. They do indeed have incredible talent, but most they have yielded hearts for God's glory.Thank you both for partnering....your friendship is a most glorious treasure...thank you for reminding us that the Father's arms are indeed opened wide.img_3702THE MAGILL'SThree years ago God connected our hearts in Oklahoma as I simply attended an event they were apart of. I couldn't get over how refreshing their authenticity was. They share their story of redemption, love and marriage with such realness it is impossible not to be set free as they sing. Having them partner with us for Arrows LIVE was a most beloved gift and I am sure many women walked away ready to engage in their marriages under the mantle of a whole new light. What they are propelling through their B3 ministries is breathtaking for the Kingdom. And my new favorite song on their CD is Magnolia! I'm obsessed with it. Good stuff. Such good stuff.img_3796SPEAKER PANELHow in the world could we have possibly crammed all the fabulous deep and wide wisdom these women had in just 30 minutes?! Goodness gracious the entire panel was so divine I could have stirred up questions for them all night! They were humble, honest, sincerely want you to encounter God and truly have amazing resources to help you GROW in your relationship with Jesus.  They have each sown into my personal relationship with the Lord and I value their wisdom in such tremendous ways, sharing them with you was the sweetest gift.fullsizerender-69MY TROTTER TRIBEThere are truly no words to utter that will be adequate for the thanksgiving Toby, Cade, Ainsley and Shelby deserve. With all their energy they believed for and prayed right with me for what this crazy idea had the potential to become. There are no words, just humble gratitude. Thank you for believing in me my Coach man. Thank you for not letting me quit. Thank you for reminding me of the Kingdom assignment at stake every day. Thank you for filling my cup. Thank you for cheering me on. Thank you for trusting me. And to you three precious sharp arrows - thank you for seeing Jesus for yourself and leading me back to His heart time and time again. I'm lost without you. With all that I am, I love you.fullsizerender-70So many more partners to thank :6500 Event VenuePrayer PartnersFM ProvisionsMove the Mountain and Kate HenryLOGOS bookstoreRoyal Blue Grocery and Stumpton CoffeeGateway Church.....This is only the beginning, friends. Thank you to YOU for giving me a chance to teach out of God's Word and unlock Luke 1 and 2 at Arrows LIVE. I could have taught for hours on end with such a faith-filled room. You leaned in and truly listened to what the Lord wanted to say and it tickled me to no end to watch your faces glow under the light of God's Love. Watching God ignite a passion for His Word is everything. It is the muscle that drives the marathon. God's Word has BECOME every breathing thing to me. Getting the chance to serve you with it was a dream and an honor. I certainly cannot boast in any one flesh filled thing coming out of me....but Jesus and His power are hovering over us to release a sweet sound of His heart on this earth. I am praying so hard what God stirred up December 8th, 2016 was merely the start to the conversation. To watch it beginning to unfold is breathtaking. Coming back to the Father's heart to find rest, grow deeper beyond the event and surrender all in order to gain all is everything. Spending the next several days doing just that for myself. Stay tuned for more, but for now......thank you and I love you.