Half-time in our Becoming Book Club - Let's review!

It's half-time, friends! Yes, I'm a coach's wife so basically everything in my life can take on a form of athletic terminology. This week is PERFECT to make a half-time call and review all the information we have been absorbing from this phenomenal book.  We've covered some serious ground, girls! Matter of fact I am inclined to think we have read so fast our spiritual brains could be tempted to explode. I woke up today wanting us to slow down a bit and allow all this goodness to really have the time to marinate in our souls.Let's do a chapter video review! The books and spiritual stakes I have remembered the most in my life have come when I have actually allowed myself the space to REALLY know the material. Not just breeze past it like a spiritual whirling dervish. :) I want to challenge ya'll to go back through each video with spiritual intention to absorb all the aims and goals so far.Click each chapter to hop back over to the video post :IntroductionChapter 1/2Chapter 3/4Chapter 5/6As I was doing this myself, I also cataloged all my favorite quotes/scriptures from each Chapter and I will load those up the rest of the week as we settle into our half-time review.I am fairly certain the quote I have found myself repeating into my reality most and praying my heart is building a habit of exercising is from Chapter 2...

"Whether we are desiring or delighting, the end of the experience is God." {page 31}

What has spoken to you MOST out of the first 6 chapters?