Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day, sweet Mommas!I have spent the last several days speaking and serving in some very precious places and with some very special mommas.  This blog entry might read a little more like a journal entry, but I’m okay with that.  Sometimes you need to share your journal spot.Had the privilege of speaking at a Senior Center’s Mother’s Day Reception.  Told a story of the time my grandmother taught me how to make a Red Velvet cake.  I had no clue there was science involved, but anyone that has a cook book with red cake mix splashes all over it deserves your attention.  I was caught off guard when my grandmother stopped me from haphazardly dumping the vinegar in separate from the baking soda.  There was a most important step that I would miss if I didn’t allow them to “fizz” together in their own little ramekin BEFORE I dumped them in.  You see I was just trying to speed through the process, but my grandma KNEW the process…she had done it a couple 100 times and was aware of the best ways to make a perfect Red Velvet cake.  I needed her guidance and leadership to make that happen.Simple story, profound concept. I believed her because she had been there before.  She had wisdom that could help me.  I’m so glad she decided to share it and make sure I didn’t just haphazardly dump all the ingredients in.  Told the ladies this story and then tied in the beautiful story of Corrie Ten Boom. {I know Red Velvet cake making in comparison to WWII concentration camp/hiding God’s people in your house is a stretch, but hang with me..It all goes together.}  The Hiding Place is one of my favorite books and not only for the history of it, but for the profound way Corrie and her family simply responded to God’s Spirit to help and leverage their resources to serve others – even if it resulted in their imprisonment.  In the book the last story Corrie shares about her sister, is when Betsie is dying.  Betsie expresses to Corrie that she envisions them taking over a concentration camp and using it as a place of restoration and healing.  That as they take it over they reclaim the life that it stole from so many.  Betsy leans close to her sister Corrie and says, “Corrie, we must tell people what we have experienced.  They will believe us because we have BEEN HERE.”Started talking on my toes as I shared with all those beloved ladies at that reception that your children, your grandchildren and your spiritual children {those tucked under the shadow of your wings looking for guidance and encouragement that may be at your church, in your neighborhood, at your work or your own children’s friends} are depending on you to share how you have done everything from making a Red Velvet Cake to being diligent enough to be stayed with Christ for a life time.  How you have overcome adversity, sorrow, loss, gain, joy, triumph, the gravest of defeats, or all the miracles you’ve witnessed.  And just as Betsy shared, “We will believe you, because you have been there.”Then in the most divine and amazing moment a woman approached me after it was all over saying she loved The Hiding Place as well and had read it in the 1970s.  Shared that her favorite part was that they praised God for the lice because the lice kept the Nazi soldiers away and let them continue to read the Bible in the concentration camps.  She said that kind of praise is how she wanted to praise.  Did I happen to mention that as she talked she had the thickest German accent?  She ended up making my day by being willing to share a piece of her story and life.  Shared how she had grown up in Austria and experienced first-hand German soldiers searching her house when she was a little girl.She told me how she ended up in America and that God had blessed her family in protection and grace.  She told me and I believed her and I was made sharper because of her willingness to give testimony.  It was a beautiful moment.  One I will treasure for sure.This morning I spoke to a group about Compassion International and our trip to Haiti.  Mother’s Day is uniquely special in regards to our sponsoring Jamesley because it was Mother’s Day last year when we first laid eyes on our dear Jamesley.  How much God can do in a year!  Retelling our story today {tears and all…I was a weeping mess this morning!} rekindled the flame and passion I have for being a voice for those with no voice.It inspired my passion to continue sharing all that God has done in OUR LIVES as a result of our involvement with Compassion International {http://www.compassion.com/}.  Told the group today I came out like a loaded pistol, quick firing!  So much to share when your heart is overflowing.  Matter of fact our hearts were made so full in Haiti that we are sponsoring two more! {a little girl from Haiti and another little girl from Dominican Republic – can’t wait to get their info and pics to share!}  Testifying to God’s work in and through your life only gives it the space to multiply.  Today multiplied my heart.I wore my arrow necklace this morning and bawled like a baby over each of my own precious arrows and the most perfect homemade crafts and cards that came spilling onto my lap.  I was so honored to walk into my Ainsley’s Sunday School class Mother’s Day Reception and share donuts and juice while sitting in tiny chairs and meeting a “first time mom” who comes by it unconventionally.  And yet as she shared that she had become a foster mom three months ago and I watched the beauty shine from her face it seemed every bit as natural as me sitting next to my daughter.  Then coming home and listening to my Cade at lunch and hearing his heart so grown up, so sincere.  Having my Shelby scoot up in my lap because she is presently scared of ants….you just can’t put a price tag on any of that. It is overwhelming.I’m grateful for the grace gift of my own precious momma – who I am afforded the opportunity to do ministry with and serve with.  Who sacrificially gives of herself wholeheartedly and loves so liberally.  I am beyond grateful for who and what she is to my life and the story she has told me of how SHE has simply pursued Jesus and that has made all the difference.  Her telling propels my telling. My favorite Mother's Day scripture is the nod the apostle Paul gives to Timothy's grandmother and mother."For I am mindful of the sincere faith within you, which first dwelt in your grandmother Lois, and your mother Eunice, and I am sure that it is in you as well." 2 Timothy 1:5I’m grateful for the grace gift of being a mother. Telling our stories matter immensely to the Kingdom.On this special Mother’s Day may you be reminded that as you share your life, your experiences, your story of Jesus’ love and grace and mercy….you inspire more life!