Hesitation Wrecks You

"Trust your yield, but hesiations will wreck you."Yep.That's it, guys. Hesitation will wreck you.We just moved to Conway, Arkansas and roundabouts are not a joke. For those, like myself, that might not know what a roundabout is it would be a circle in traffic intersections that keep cars in constant motion. Roundabouts basically nullify the need for traffic lights. However, if you don't keep your head on a swivel and move it roundabout traffic could STRAIGHT RUN YOUR SUBURBAN OVER!! haha.I have been learning the ways of roundabouts in the last three weeks, but nothing helped me quite as much as the intel I received from a college kid at the snow cone stand. His wisdom is playing into more than just my ability to drive in Arkansas. He said,"Trust your yield, but don't hesitate completely. Hesitation will wreck you."OKKKAAAAY SNOWCONE GUY! Truth bomb.Here's the deal...spiritually things work the same way.There are seasons that require us to yield and pause. And yes, from what I know about yielding it is different than hesitations. I am a HUGE fan of the spiritual yield. Spiritual yields happen with confidence and are a decision. Hesitations happen because we aren't sure what to trust. I'm a big fan of yielding spiritually, not so much a fan of hesitations. Matter of fact I am resurfacing after a year sabbatical. But as I am jumping back into ministry full-time I cannot be tempted to hesitate. I have to let God know, "I trust you without hesitation."Yielding gives us the potential for {but not limited to} the following fruit...

  • Deepened confidence in God's affection, affirmation and attention on and over our lives

  • Greater understanding to the season we are currently walking through

  • Better space and grace to narrow our margins and hone in on our Kingdom purpose.

Hesitation gives us the potential for {but not limited to} the following shrink in our spiritual growth....

  • Delayed obedience based on fear.

  • Increased anxiety and obsession over pleasing man instead of surrendering to the Father.

  • Unhealthy questioning and cultivation of insecurity looking for affirmation.

I could be bloating a little bit of a semantics issue here, but I hope you'll roll with me on the difference. I hope you'll be honest enough to admit we have all at one time or another been tempted to let our yielding becoming hesitating. Yielding grants us the space to inquire of the Lord, hesitation could very well be the poison to get us run over.Challenging you today to speak out the following:"Lord, I recognize what you want from me and I'm responding to it and You without hesitation. I trust you to lead me, teach me and inspire me as I keep going."God, the Father, desires us to advance constantly. He ADORES roundabouts where spiritual traffic keeps moving. He wants us taken up with His occupancies in a free flowing allowance for not only our own yielding to seek wisdom, but the free movement of others in and around our lives. It is a steady balance of traffic as far as God is concerned. The last thing He wants is to see us hesitate in our trust of His careful, watchful and loving eye over our every move.Trust your yield, but don't allow your hesitations to wreck you. **this past weekend we picked my son up from K-West {Kanakuk Kamps} and I was able to talk to some of the staff about this very idea....the 5 minute talk is posted to the Becoming App under "Don't Hesitate" - The Becoming App is available for FREE anywhere you download your apps.