The Becoming Book Club | Chapters 39-49

“Satan’s offer was real but shortsighted. He tempted Jesus to give up his soul permanently to gain the world temporarily. He offered Jesus his off-brand imitation of glory from the world and forgot that Jesus already possessed the original from heaven. In essence, Satan asked Jesus to trade the eternal for the visible, which is something he still invites us to do every day. In small, undocumented choices throughout hidden and public years, Satan continues to offer us the world in exchange for our souls. Occasionally he still uses mountaintops, but more often he shows us the view from laptops, checkbooks, boardrooms, corner offices; he takes us behind closed doors, onto trading floors, up on stages, and in front of microphones. Like a shrewd salesman, Satan customizes his offer for each person. The view changes, but the price is fixed. Considering what is at stake, it would be wise for us to know what views make us most vulnerable. What could he show you that would tempt you to bow down and worship him? Power or pleasure? Old scars or new possessions? The past or the future? Where does he take you to entice you to forfeit your soul?”

{page 135-136, Anonymous by Alicia Britt Chole}