When My Answer to Everything is : HERE FOR IT.

Over the last several months I am pretty positive I have used the expression, "Here For It" as my counter reply to basically everything. When all things familiar shift it definitely cultivates any tensions rumbling beneath the surface of your spirit. And as much as we have settled our train in Arkansas every day is a new adventure. Arkansas has come as the sixth move in fifteen years and reminded us how much "familiarity" provides comforts that create space for your confidence as opposed to allowing God alone to solidify the position of your confidence.

At some point I heard this expression, Here For It, and for what ever reason it stuck, made me giggle and then I realized how completely brilliant it truly was.

When new experiences make me feel awkward and like a middle school girl meeting new friends? I say, "Here for it."
When new experiences totally stress me out because nothing in it's place freaks me out? I say, "Here for it."
When new experiences seem rewarding and adventurous? I say, "Here for it."
When new experiences challenge my parenting? I say, "Here for it."
When new experiences cultivate fresh dreams and open space? I say, "Here for it."
When new experiences create perfectly placed friendships? I say, "Here for it.”
When new experiences make using google maps to go anywhere a complete necessity? I say, "Here for it."

It has actually gotten pretty comical the number of places and times it applies. It has kept me sane when I wanted to loose my marbles over all the ways I feel changes remind me I am SO NOT in control. Now don't get me wrong...I'm certainly not saying I'm here for chaos, disorder, panic or anxiety. I'm not here for things spinning in a vortex of disjointed experiences. But somehow when I tell both my spirit, my reality and remind God, "Here for it" I settle into a position of empowerment and remember life is not about everything being in my control. My experiences are all, even the superficial ones we think have little ramification, meant to mold into the obedience of Christ. All of life is to be found in Him and for Him. Is life messy and crazy and total unpredictable? Yes. Can my reactions to life be motivated towards a particular tone of positivity and fruitfulness regardless of what I face? Yes. Life is about having eyes to see things from God's perspective and with His heart in mind.

Life is about having eyes to see things from God's perspective and with His heart in mind.

Saying "Here For It" simply gives a levity, positivity and fruitful language to an otherwise very stressful and at times concretely anxious newness. Remember in all things a negative complaining spirit is a poison oozing it's way through more than you can understand or fathom in the immediate moment. "Here for it" bosses my spirit into a "by faith" mentality and keeps me in check to what this whole shindig is about - being on assignment to glorify God. That's it y'all. Even down to schedules changing, roundabouts rounding, new community finding, late night talking, new people meeting and elementary cookie dough selling.

Guys - I'm. Here. For. It.

When I say to my reality, my parenting, my marriage, my assignment, my calling and my community, "HERE FOR IT" I am proclaiming "God KNOWS the plans He has for me. To prosper me and not to harm me. To give me a hope and a future." {Jeremiah 29:11}So, Life?! I'm here for it all baby!We truly cannot anticipate all the happenings of our lives. Even the best most organized planners have situations arise they didn't expect.

Processing change to any degree must happen through because it is impossible to change around, but there is a way your spirit can go through changes in a fruitful way.

There is a place you can boss your spirit to fruitfulness by proclaiming.....HERE FOR IT!!!!The good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful, the long and the short of it must BECOME.......I am HERE FOR IT ALL. And then just watch as your Big Strong Able God will show up in mighty wisdom, elevated revelation and fulfilled understanding. Over the big and small. Because there is not one moment of your life God has not said the same to you, "Cari, I'm here for it."

When we very first began to meet new friends in our new community I told the kids real serious like in one of my many car ride filibusters life would tempt them to take their eyes off Jesus. Don't! Keep your gaze fixed on Jesus and your mind towards Heaven, because when you can't find North and the compass dial is spinning if you get your eyes on Him you'll have a steady focus.

Remember, He has not shifted His focus from you for one second. Not one second of your life has He turned his head. His eyes have been locked on you. And without a shadow of a doubt God Almighty is HERE FOR IT with you.

Where are you finding yourself? Where do you need to just say simply "Here For It" and shift the atmosphere of your heart towards peace and courage to be where God has you?

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