Moore Family“I shall not die, but I shall live, and recount the deeds of the Lord.” Psalm 118:17Monday afternoon I celebrated the tenacious life of a dear friend’s nephew.  Most in Oklahoma, especially those associated with the local church will be familiar with Xander Moore, his family and his story.  Most will be much more versed in the years of his battle with cancer than I was fortunate enough to know.  However, the last several years of praying for his family have given me an eternal perspective that has branded my being.  My soul is forever changed because of the fight of that “little man”.Jesus was the fight in Xander.  He battled cancer from the time he was two until he was eleven, ultimately fighting all the way to Glory.  Amongst the tears, the sobs as words slipped from our mouths and arms reached out in shaking embraces the resounding sound of the House, which was full of saints, was this single anthem……“We will not let go.  We will keep making movements towards You, King Jesus.  Jesus, we will run, sore, sprint, fly, jog, walk, meander, crawl tooth and nail we will find our way through this bloody mess of earth and we will find You…..because You are where we want to be.”To know Jesus fully, the full expression of the all to His goodness and grace, we have to hold hands with BOTH sorrow AND joy.  Most hold sorrows’ hand as they spin around the ache of this globe.  Even more across the earth single-handedly hold the hand of Joy.  Very few are able to navigate holding both and therein receiving the fullest measure of all of Jesus.  Of being capable of knowing the deepest sorrow and yet refusing to let go of the hand of Joy.  Refusing to walk away.Xander Moore and his family pushed and pressed their way to Jesus.  They showed triumphantly that dark and cloudy days will not gray the Joy of Jesus.  And although this earth splits them apart from Xander for the time being his funeral showcased a single anthem, a single passion, a single Victory….Jesus.By God’s grace in our lifetime we will have wings that make us sore towards Jesus.  But let’s get real up in here…..most of the collective all to life is about our determined persistence to paddle, crawl, scramble, struggle, inch, mount, hike, determinedly, decidedly move all our energies towards Jesus…..and somewhere in there build up the soul resolve to never give up seeking His face.Ever.The stories with extra fight and gumption, with weak emotions and wearied souls – and yet – refuse to give up pointing others to Jesus are the ones that shake my soul to the very core and make the Jesus inside me stand up.  They are the ones that should make us get up and get out, declaring the Name above every Name.  They are the saints that grant the rest of us the resolve we need to keep going.Jesus is our fight.  Jesus is our victory.  Jesus is our very movement.  May we be counted among a narrow few that hold both Joy and Sorrow’s hands faithfully, and showcase Jesus singly.Received a text message from my precious friend that said, “Tell Xander’s story!”May we all honor Xander by not only telling his story with our mouths, but showcasing the same tenacious energy by the way we live.  Thank you Moore family.  You have showed us all Jesus.“I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” Philippians 4:13