| Yielded | TOMORROW |

Last week, you ladies that piled in the Northwest Bible Theater Room on Tuesday night from 7-8:30pmBLEW ME AWAY.

You lingered and stayed and it was beautiful. In a very organic way tables of women began opening up about areas they felt crippled, how they wanted to move through the Gate into Beautiful Worship and how seeing the other women in the room from their community was such an encouragement.

I’ve sat for six days in awe of what last week started. My heart has been quiet and humbled. It is a peculiar thing when God begins to stir something so profoundly beautiful and so curiously beyond anything you could hope to create with your own two hands. Tuesday nights each week will come and go and the reckless truth is that it will never be convenient. Life is busy and evenings are hard, but here is my rational :: it is the last thing you will attend all day and you are more likely to let your heart just receive. During the day we are all buzzing to and fro and keeping it held together with half meet ups here, car pool there, reports due, overriding expectations, projects pending and emails assaulting. But I’ve evaluated the hour and half time frame I have set aside for this study each week seem to be twilight minutes where I usually find myself settling my brain from the day and not quite into the next day. I’m surveying what worked and what didn’t work and even if I’m sitting at one of my kiddos practices or finishing up dinner I’m quiet and looking to unload my brain. If you can negotiate getting there during this Tuesday Twilight hour and half, by God’s grace, this sweet eclectic community of friends will serve you a moment in time where you can not only unload your brain, but be filled to the brim overflowing with God’s Promises to take into the next day.

I opened up last week by sharing a bit about my background being in apparel design and merchandising and not theology. I don’t have a special sauce I’ve discovered or a 12 step “thing” to give you. I’m just a regular woman that got her nose stuck in the Word looking for real answers and I’ve never come up for air. As we studied last week we learned from Peter and John in Acts 4 that sometimes the largest risk we take is simply offering ourselves and what we’ve experienced because of God’s Great Love. My vision for| Yielded | Bible Study is that each week we would grow in trust with each other and begin to trust the character of God as we yield our lives to His Great Love. Yes, I want to be relevant and hip and worth your Tuesday night minutes…..but as we will learn from Peter and John this week there is no power or piety or stories or genius or any other created thing that can keep our attention like Jesus. If you {and a load of friends!} can just get there, as you are, spilled through the door, ready or not, Bible or not, notes or not, just come and bring others with you…..I promise Jesus will make it more than worth your time and spill extravagant HOPE in your lap.God has sown such a deep devotion in me over the years to wanting women to unlock the Truth, Adventure and Grace of His Word like they never thought possible. My heart is that if I can dig deep and grow a passion for God's Word anyone can. I have a wild ambition to see women in business, fashion, accounting, nursing, motherhood, CEO's and the likes there of to ALL collectively become Bible ninjas not so we can score big on Bible trivia, but instead develop a vivacious energy to live life with overcoming freedom and joy. My dream is for women to not just have a respect for the principles of the Bible, but to grow a passion to unlock the Grand Adventure for themselves. The world isn’t easy. Having a space to study God’s Word in a relevant and energizing way is a game changer.

The Bible is where we see not just a manual for living, but a narrative for LIFE.

The number of women that walk through the door tomorrow night matter. Your invitation to another matters. Each time another woman comes to Bible study and each time we grow in our boldness to share we increase our numbers and grant more women the opportunity to walk away with Hope.  The greater our Hope the greater our opportunity to influence our families with Love becomes, the deeper our friendships develop, the broader our understanding becomes and the more equipped we feel in life.

Numbers matter, you matter.

Who can you bring with you tomorrow night? I can’t wait to see you!

| Yielded | February 2nd @ 7pm | Northwest Bible Church Bible study is FREE | come as you are | multi-generational | multi-denominational | passionate | Truth unlocking | deep Bible diving | and the invitation is open to all. Northwest Bible Church {Theater Room} - Dallas, TX.

"Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, and perceived that they were uneducated, common men, they were astonished. And they recognized that they had been with Jesus." {Acts 4:13}