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Living with the expectation God desires to reveal grander opportunities than we could ever think or imagine is the heart of Becoming Ministries. We are thankful beyond words for those who have imagined with us and come alongside with financial support. Becoming Ministries would not exist without your partnership. Please consider joining the mission mentality of Becoming Ministries. Your resources, prayers and involvement help us open the door to a wild imagination. We want to change the world, but we need your partnership to do it!


When you dream crazy dreams for God, you have to intentionally position yourself for a miracle.  Simply put, if God doesn’t come through in a supernatural way that you cannot recreate or hope to achieve on your own, you will fail.  We have to continue to be a crazy people for God, and we are asking all the other crazy people to cross the line with us by enabling Becoming Ministries.In Jesus’ name, the testimonies of life change and redemption are stacking up.  Becoming Ministries is reaching every age group, every economic demographic, and is helping women from prison to ministry professionals unlock their glorious inheritance and live beautifully brave lives of faith.Becoming Ministries is honored that you are considering a sacrificial gift to the immediate ministry goals of this much needed ministry. This is very simple, if the Holy Spirit leads you to give to Becoming Ministries, give.  Your blessing is immediately felt and seen in every step of future vision.  Thank you again for your continued partnership with Becoming.