Cleaning House Like Snow White

I love how Snow White cleans a house. She rolls up her sleeves, sings a happy song, and cleans the seven dwarfs’ home, leaving no stone unturned. She has decided to do a healthy “house gut” and rid them of the junk that is creating must and mildew. She opens wide the doors and windows and invites the animals of the forest to join in. The birds are chirping, the animals cleaning….wait? What?! The animals are cleaning? The squirrels are sweeping the floor, and the birds and deer are washing the dishes and doing the laundry! That right there is the kind of stuff you could take on the road and make a few bucks with.But that doesn’t satisfy ole’ Snow White. No, she is a woman who knows what she wants and how she wants it done. She wants it done right. No halfway cleaning for these little critters. She even brings her singing to a halt and in the most congenial voice says, “Oh no, no, no. Put the dishes in the tub.” The animals had just been busted and caught in the act of spot cleaning the dishes with their tongues and drying them with their tails. That is not “Snow White glove” approved. Then she is like a mom with eyeballs in the back of her head and catches the squirrels trying to sweep the dust under the carpet, “Uh, uh, uh. Not under the rug!” Continuing on in the most virtuous voice, she melodiously sings, “Let’s whistle while we work! Lalalala!” She was on it!Snow White wanted it done right. If you just sweep that bitter, angry, disappointed, dark heart under the rug, it will come back. You can keep putting on your mask to hide the smears and smudges of life. The war it will wage on you will come back tenfold. I know, because I tried it. The mask will only cover what you push under it, and it can only hold so many unredeemed relationships, emotions, and roles. If you just try to manage and “spot clean” that dark patch, it gets all over the house of your heart again the second the rug of circumstances moves. I know, because I tried that, too.What if we, as Christ’s daughters, decided to just do it? To be unafraid to acquire wisdom in the darkness, acquire understanding, and come to a revelation of where God wants to showcase His Light and then we acted on the Truth that is revealed. Please do not look down on yourself because of your age or whether you are just starting your journey with Christ or have been walking for a lifetime. Today is a perfect day to start becoming all glorious within and clearing a path for the Lord to do a fresh work.“Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is.” {Ephesians 5:17}“For this commandment that I command you today is not too hard for you, neither is it far off.” {Deuteronomy 30:11}

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