More than tiptoes and twirls | Dancing Angels

FullSizeRender (64)Nearly nine years ago, I had an online business called String of Pearls.  It was a couture design company that catered to the needs of the mini-princess.  We designed and manufactured formal wear for girls between the ages of two and twelve. This morning I was struck with the memory of a particular dress I designed. It was for a beautiful little girl with long golden hair and was probably 12 or so at the time.  I remember she was every bit of a little girl, but you could see her legs stretching out long and her heart was fragile underneath a little girl reaching towards teenage years. She was quiet and rather shy. Strikingly gorgeous little girl, incredible athlete, bold in many ways, but also timidly shy. When we started the design process I could tell she really wasn't interested in wearing a puffy princess dress. She would have much rather stayed in her comfy T-shirt and shorts. Can't say I didn't blame her. Most days a comfy t-shirt and shorts is my uniform of choice too. On the final fitting, though, there was a transformation. She took the gown to the bathroom to put it on so I could double check the fit. When she emerged, she was just radiant, holding her head high. She was transformed. Then she started twirling. Right there in the fitting room, she twirled and twirled. It was precious, tender, magnificent and captivating as her mother and I stood back and watched this gorgeous little lady take on the confidence of a princess just by putting on a formal gown.The memory of the twirling little girl from all those years ago flooded my senses with goodness this morning as I was thick into color coding my calendar pages with all the many activities my kids chase down each week. I paused when I saw the words "Ainsley and Shelby. Dancing Angels. Tuesday after school." scribbled across a piece of torn out paper clipped to my September planner page. This past year we watched our youngest daughter's heart ignite in wonder and confidence through learning how to twirl.  When my girls asked me if they could start ballet a year ago I researched all the potential studios in the Dallas, in the midst of moving there at the time, area I could start my girls out in.  We wanted them to learn great dance technique, but I also had in my heart to find a studio where my girls could twirl in confidence just like the little girl in her new gown. Dallas, friends and our community were all new. So finding something that could carry all our desires felt like a crazy thought. Then I got an email from a dear friend suggesting we check out the pre-school ballet class she was formulating for her daughter and her daughter's friends at a studio called Dancing Angels.I hopped online to check out the details that very day, one year ago, and got more than details I got a stirred passion for what it would look like to watch my girls not just learn dance technique from great teachers, but learn how their "tip toes and twirling" is an act of worship to our Great God.FullSizeRender (65)It has been transforming to watch MY daughter with her love of dance and her love of Jesus become just like the little twirling girl. Transformed. Free. Confident. And to know that as she is learning to twirl and tip toe she is doing more than just learning dance, she is worshiping the Jesus she loves. Dancing Angels has become a place for not only my youngest daughter, but my older daughter will start ballet and jazz there this fall. And for me, as a mother, it has provided a place for kindred friendship for not only my girls, but for me too! There are so many activities that could drive our ambitions as mothers.  Fostering an environment for my girls to not only learn a skill but motivate their love and worship of the Jesus that loves and adores them so is worth every ounce of schedule arranging and car pool driving.

Ballet costumes and fancy formal gowns are fun for our daughters. It is a beautiful thing to watch them twirl and tip toe and BECOME whatever their hearts dream. But more than costumes and gowns we want our daughters to be adorned. Being clothed in the right spiritual garment, with the right fruitful accessories, and watching them abandon insecure inhibitions will result in a twirling transformation. I know it sounds so simple, but it really is. Childlike abandonment and trust produce the humility to receive the fullness of a gloriously beautiful life.

When I watched my daughter and all her precious friends dance in the spring Dancing Angels recital to Words of Worship I cried tears of joy. Joy because I KNOW that is how God desires for us ALL to live no matter our age. Free. Transformed. Confident. Worshipful. Twirling.Dance on today, dear hearts. Dance on.{If you are local to the Dallas area and you are looking for a place to call home for your daughter's dancing heart please consider checking out Dancing Angels.  Miss Tammy's and her team of instructors have vision and heart full of passion to see your daughter not just love dance, but to most fall in love with Jesus. Fall class registrations are still open. You can follow them on Facebook by clicking HERE or to find a class right for your daughter or to see the videos, vision and location of Dancing Angels click HERE!}