The Becoming Book Club | Chapters 11-18

*BOOK CLUB FRIENDS. Oh. My. Word. Okay, first off if you were hanging with me on my Insta stories yesterday you saw how the entire world of technology was raising up against me & I was in a real struggle haha…..BUT because of the goodness of Isaiah 54:17 NO WEAPON PROSPERED and amazing friends coming to the rescue TODAY, yes TODAY, friends we have full online posting happening! Praise be to the highest heaven! If you are signed up for the emails you should be receiving your journal prompts + scriptures today! Thank you for your patience. Love you!*

I do want to mention how deeply I am loving the conversations getting started on our private Facebook Group for those signed up for the book club. I have popped in there a few times to do a LIVE video chat about additional elements with the chapters. Great comments and I would love to see a few more of you bounce in and add some thoughts.

{Watch Chapters 11-18 Video HERE}

As you watch the video consider these this quote….

“A bright cloud enveloped them, and a voice from the cloud said, ‘This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased. Listen to him!’

These loving words were spoken over Jesus BEFORE the timeless teachings, the dramatic deliverances, and the many miracles. They were spoken over his hidden years. God declared his full acceptance and pride over what Jesus had BECOME THROUGH his anonymous season. In unseen places over underestimated years, Jesus had been making unrecorded, unapplauded choices that had prepared him for everything to come. And Father God - who values the seen and unseen alike - was very, very pleased. Through Jesus, we inherit this trio God’s Fatherhood, love and acceptance. We inherit the affirmation from above, for God is still shouting these words of love over his children even BEFORE we are recognized or celebrated, BEFORE we make the grade or make the news or even make dinner. BEFORE we get that promotion or even get out of bed, Father God is already shouting. Not because of any stunning accomplishment but because of who we are : through Jesus, WE ARE HIS!” {page 44, Anonymous}