The Becoming Book Club | First 10 Chapters Video

It’s book club video time! If you have signed up for the book club anticipate an email in your inbox with the journal prompts + scriptures to read for the week. Looking forward to discussing more on our private Facebook group for those signed up!

{Watch the First 10 Chapters Video HERE}

As you watch the video consider the opening to Anonymous by Alicia Britt Chole….

“Have you ever moved to a new place or entered a new environment, where no one knew who you were, what you could do, or what dreams ignited your soul? Have you ever crossed the threshold into another season of life, like parenthood or extended studies, where you shifted from recognition to anonymity, from the court to the bench, from standing as a leader to sitting as a learner again?…..

In these hidden seasons, we are more familiar with being invisible than acclaimed. Concealed for months or years or decades, our potential seems to hibernate like a bear in winter, and over time we begin to wonder if spring will ever awaken it again.

Hidden hopes. Hidden dreams. Hidden gifts. All of us are acquainted with chapters in life when our visible fruitfulness is pruned back, our previously praiseworthy strengths become dormant, and our abilities are unnoticed by the watching world. Like a flower whose budding glory is covered up by wet leaves, we sense the weight of hiddenness in our hearts and whisper, “I have so much more to give and be.”

But there is One who can see the beauty of that covered smothered flower: God himself. And, mysteriously, his delight in that beauty is not diminished by its leafy camouflage. Neither would his pleasure be amplified by the flower’s visibility. Good news indeed for the hidden.” {pages 5-6, Anonymous}