The Becoming Book Club | Intro Vlog

Hello and welcome to our summer book club!!

I have always loved books and believe to the core of my being we learn most about ourselves and the world around us by becoming avid readers. Knowledge is power. Reading fosters an environment to ask questions, marinate over curiosities and develop an empowered sense of self.

Now the ground rules - EASY PEASY LEMON SQUEEZY!! I am not into complicated summer plans especially when the run of our year is so intense - so it is a super simple concept!

  1. Read the book on your own time and in your own way.

  2. Come to the blog to checkout the Video which will post no later than 5pm CST each Monday while we are reading. You can watch today’s Introduction Video HERE!

  3. Check your email for the journal prompts and any specific scriptures we are reading during the week. And BONUS for those signed up for the book club you will receive the link for the private Facebook group!

  4. Enjoy reading!!

It is as easy as that! I am very expectant for God to encourage your heart through this book and anticipate lots of good feedback/discussion! Here for it!